The Willow School and Broadwaters' Children's Centre

Partnership with Parents

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of the parents - Jane. D Hull

We understand that the only way to provide your child with the best possible start in life is to work in unison with you.  Parents are encouraged at every opportunity to be active participants in their child’s learning throughout their time with us. For example,

  • Home visits - All children are offered home visits before they start the nursery.  Home visits allows us to begin to build a strong and secure relationship with both yourselves and your child. 
  • Stay and Play sessions - You will be invited to visit the nursery for a stay and play session before your child starts so you can begin to become familiar with our nursery environment. 
  • Settling In - You will be asked to support your child's settling in time, for example, you may be asked to stay with your child for a while or to leave them for short periods of time which will gradually increase, we will cater for whatever is needed to ensure your child feels happy, safe and secure when they are with us. 
  • Settling in Review - After 6 weeks you will be invited to have a meeting with your key person to discuss your child's start with us. 
  • Planning - You will be asked for information that will help us to plan effective, high quality learning opportunities that meet your child's unique and individual needs throughout your child's time with us. 
  • Termly consultation meetings - You will be given the opportunity to have a formal meeting with your child's key person every term during which your child's progress will be discussed and next steps agreed.  
  • Celebrations and Festivals - You will be invited to join in with our festivals and celebrations.  We are so grateful when parents are able to spare time to come in and share their own customs and cultures with us. So come on in!
  • Reading and activity drop ins - Every Thursday parents are invited to stay when they drop their child to nursery to share a story or take part in a simple activity, for example, making a card.  Parents are warmly welcomed to stay for as long as they are able, even 5 mins makes a huge difference to the children. 
  • Daily feedback - key workers will give you daily feedback when you collect your child on what they have learnt that day and how they have been.  It is beneficial to your child's communication and language development if you encourage them to talk about the things they have been doing at nursery. 
  • Check ins - If required, we can arrange for key workers to check in with parents via telephone call or meeting.  An example of this may be if yoiur child is upset when you leave, we can give you a quick call later in the morning to let you know how they are which is usually very happy!