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Butterfly Class and Frog Class


Welcome to Reception class. Whilst your child is still in the early years, most of them have moved from either our Broadwaters' Children's Centre, (or a different nursery), to join the older children in The Willow School building. They continue with lots of creative, exciting and experiential child centred/play based learning following the early years curriculum.  The use both their indoor, and dedicated outdoor, learning spaces. 

Reception Staff Team 







Nursery Nurse/Special Needs Assistants/Teaching Assistants

Coleen, Meliha

Neneh, Suada

Reception Curriculum Map

Click the button below to see an overview of the different subjects and topics your child will be learning about during their time in reception.

Reception Curriculum  Map

Reception Termly Curriculum Update Leaflet 

Click the button to read a leaflet giving you a little more information about what your child will learn each term. It also has other useful information such as PE days, expectations for reading at home and any planned trips.

Reception Curriculum letter


Reception Photo Gallery


Reception Gallery




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