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The Willow Primary School OFSTED report May 2017
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End of term events, issued Monday 4 December 2017 - click here - Events letter December 2017

Marilyn Francis, Chair of Governors, wins Governor of the Year award and Rita Adu-Gyamfi wins Support Staff of the Year award in Haringey at the Outstanding For All Awards
Please click here to see the full list of winners Outstanding For All Award winners  and feature in Haringey People (February 2017)
Please click here to see a 1 minute video: Governor of the year award winner - Marilyn Francis
Please click here to see a photo of the event:  Marilyn Francis, Chair of Broadwaters accepts her award
Please click here to see a 1 minute video: Support Staff of the Year award winner - Rita Adu-Gyamfi
Please click here to see photos of the event: Rita Adu-Gyamfi accepts her award
Rita also visited the Queen on behalf of Haringey council. See May (2) newsletter 2017 for more information.

Headteacher Dawn Ferdinand talks about why she made the nominations in two of the eleven categories 

2016 - WINNERS** Haringey Design OVERALL winner for 2016 AND Community Building Winner
(click on this external link to find out more - 
Haringey Design Awards 2016)

January 2017 another award shortlist for Broadwaters - click here for more information: RIBA MacEwan Award London

We join a handful of primaries who have attained a silver award from BOTH the Healthy schools London programme and Healthy Schools National Programme.Headteacher, Dawn Ferdinand, said, "I am of course so proud that our school’s vision to provide a good all round healthy experience for children has been recognised at both this national and London-wide level. We are so very proud to be a Silver status Healthy school!"

Important letter about education updates from Headteacher Dawn Ferdinand - 2016 Click here to read

Click to see a video featuring Willow children participating in the INTOUniversity scheme (charity).

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