Before School Activities

'Breakfast is tasty and warm and you can be with your friends' - Child October 2017
Breakfast club
Our Breakfast club starts at 7.45am every morning. Children are offered a breakfast which includes a choice of a range of cereals, toast, fresh fruit, milk and fruit juice. A range of fun and relaxing activities (such as drawing pictures, Lego block building, board games, puzzles) are on offer to engage and involve them before the start of the school day. At the end of breakfast club the younger children are escorted to their class collection points for an 8.45am school start. Breakfast club costs only £1 a day and has remained at that price for the past 4 years.

Magic Breakfast - Fuel For Learning       
WakeUP Club (Magic Breakfast - a charity)  
We have a club that provides free breakfast bagels to children. The WakeUP club starts at 8.20am and finishes at 8.35am every morning. This club started in January 2015 and is part of a nationwide initiative encouraging children to eat a healthy breakfast before school. We have been fortunate enough to be chosen for this scheme, and Magic Breakfast provide bagels to the school. Open to all children in Years 1-6. Bagels are also delivered to class, including Reception.

** Latest news - November 2016, there is a proven link between learning and breakfast!**

Magic Breakfast proven link between breakfast and learning

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